The Parker design is ergonomic genius!

A perfectly formed ‘S-Shape’ backrest captures your natural spinal curvature, supporting you in upright and reclining positions. With a height adjustable & flexing lumbar, it allows custom support to your lumbar region. The continuous flowing movement of the Auto-balance Synchrone mechanism will encourage healthy sitting and lesson pressure to the thighs and lower spine.

Features Auto weight balance mechanism lockable in four positions ‘Seat Slide’ function Height adjustable flexing lumbar support 4D adjustable height adjust armrest Fire retardent Korean wintex cotton mesh backrest High density moulded seat foam ANSI/BIFMA approved X5.1-2011. 5year warranty.

General information

Weight rated to 130KG Additional colour options available - Lead times apply

Options Taupe Frame 4D Headrest Polished Alloy Base


See pictures for dimensions.

2 Week Delivery

AFRDI Approved

5 Year Warranty

Made in Australia / Asia

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