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Momentum office showcases a perfect blend of ecofriendly and comfort aspects to carve furniture styling your workplace that is comparable to none. Among a huge variety of furniture, the Melbourne Educational Furniture has indeed proven its worth when it comes to easy, tranquil, and comfortable learning space. What could possibly surpass the essentiality of furniture to upgrade the level of comfort?

Feast your eyes on our exclusive collection of training furniture Melbourne that will not only offer you incredible comfort, but will transform your space to look highly comfortable, contemporarily stylish and swanky. These countless items in furniture will, beyond a doubt, make your time worthwhile. You can find a rich collection of office chairs, bench, sofas, sette, and very many items on Momentum Office. Not only this, a stunning combination of hues in the collection will only add to the modernity and beauty of your ambience. Pick yours in the most amazing prices today!

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  • ABW Storage

    ABW Storage modular lockers provide the flexible framework to create a locker system that precisely fits the needs of any organization.

    With a range of compartment sizes, finishes options, access methods and identification labelling , ABW modular lockers provide the ultimate solution in asset or personal item management.


    Our Lockers are made using high quality materials and precious wood working equipment to deliver a precise, durable and functional storage solution for workplaces, schools and Studios/Gyms.


    ABW Storage lockers are perfect for Activity-Based workplaces and are made in Australia, customisable to suit specific spaces, styles and security systems.


    Adapta is the ability to adjust to different conditions, an essential characteristic in the corporate world.
    Pull a whole stack of Adapta chairs from the conference room to the cafeteria.Adapta chairs give you the kind of flexibility business, conference or education workspaces demand. Lightweight, portable, nesting, movable, they help people come together, move around – whatever the work demands.Adapta chairs also adapt to your mood and posture – lean back and you will find the perforated backrest and unique cast aluminum chassis pivots and supports you all the way.Lightweight and easy to move with or without castors, Adapta chairs can be stacked infinitely back to back – just flip-up the seat and stack (without any strain!).


    Seat height: 450mm
    Seat width: 460mm
    Seat depth: 450mm
    Overall height: 850mm

  • Align Tables

    The Align table system is designed for easy and quick alignment of tables. It is a transformable table accommodating one person, two-persons, or three-persons. It can be utilized in various communication settings such as training, workshops and team works. With ergonomic smooth design, it liberates users and spaces. Built to the highest standard Align is the perfect solution for high use commercial and educational environments.

    Align tables feature a Intuitive folding mechanism with a hydraulic folding mechanism that can easily open and close the surface simply by operating a lever, it maximizes user convenience and space utilization.



    Small Arc Ottoman

    Beautifully designed ottomans designed to create inviting, creative and innovative educational space




    Medium Arc Ottoman




    Large Arc Ottoman




  • Axis Adjustable Height Flip Desk

    A height adjustable flip table has been added to the Axis family.
    The adjustable table is ideal for a range of different productive environments such as offices, training rooms or schools and can be stacked or stored in a space saving way. Even when loaded the table can easily be adjusted from seated to standing height.

    Height-adjustable surfaces play a significant role in today’s changing working environment. Research confirms that a user’s comfort can be increased and their postural fatigue reduced by allowing them to sit or stand throughout the day. This also increases productivity and efficiency within the working environment.


    Place the flat side on the floor for a static seat, or the curved sided on the floor for movement, the Balance Ottoman is a versatile piece that can add fun and dynamics to your space.




    Be connected with simple and sharp design. The BeConn series creates a centre for collaboration using a variety of styles to fit even the smallest workspace. This series promotes more effective collaboration through connecting together IT devices such as a display monitor, utilising a neat wiring system.

    BeConn is designed to connect people, thoughts and ideas so they can collaborate and communicate more quickly, easily, and more effectively.

    BeConn is available in a multitude of finishes, shapes and sizes with straight edge or tapered edge worktop.

    Why is collaboration attracting attention in recent years?

    As the business environment becomes more complicated and competition becomes more intense, companies have more specialized and more specialized human and material resources for survival and growth. And we are looking forward to collaborating to connect these resources.

    How do they want to collaborate?

    According to Forbes, corporate executives prefer face-to-face communication because they can form more meaningful business relationships when they meet face-to-face.

    What connects you to your work?

    • 4 People or less Small collaborative space for close collaboration
    • 6~8 People Most planned medium-sized collaboration space
    • 10 People or more Formal meeting room or free collaborative space


    Optional top plate (advanced type/ standard type)

    You can choose between the high-end type that stands out with its sleek design and the standard type that produces a neat atmosphere.

    Various storage options

    Drawers and shelves can be used to store various items.

    Double-sided opening and closing duct cover

    A double-sided duct cover opens in the direction of the user, and various wiring can be arranged neatly.

    Stand-alone monitor holder

    It is easy to use anywhere, so it can be used alone and conveniently.

    Mountable Monitor Holder

    The monitor can be installed directly on the table, so space utilization is good.

    Vertical wiring frame

    Complex wiring along the frame allows you to maintain a cleaner appearance.

    Collaboration Solutions – clickshare

    The notebook or tablet (smartphone) screen can be wirelessly transmitted to the monitor. (Up to 8 lines possible)

  • Blinc Modular Range

    Blinc is a module based soft seating system designed for commercial, public and hotel reception use. The product line consists of 5 simple elements allowing for multiple configurations. Blinc is smooth and elegant in appearance with a solid wood structure inside a luxuriously upholstered soft exterior that provides support even during long periods of sitting.


    The Boom Collection

    The Boom Collection compromises single, double and corner units. Use them singularly or as collectives when you have a corner to furnish, or customise a unit to fill a specific space.


    Chameleon Back Visitor Chair
    High quality materials, interactive functionality and pared down styling create a fluid aesthetic that projects perfect equilibrium.
    Visitor, Training, Conference Room & Board Room
    Sled base, Stackable option 4 leg option Arm rests, powder coat or chrome base


    Simple Modular System is a perfect seating solution for waiting areas, lobbies, break rooms with large space. Large range of different modular forms allow you to create various types of seating areas such as linear, circular or U-shaped. There are double side or conventional one side seating option modules.

  • Divide Workstation Cubicles

    Divide is designed for defining seperate working space in the open office areas. It consists of MFC table top with PVC edgeband and 30 mm fabric covered panels. Different type of units can be connected to each other and working group islands can be created.


    Acting as a full stop to your other pieces, the Dot Ottoman is compact enough to use where and whenever you need it.

    Mix your upholstery on top and bottom to add a pop of colour and fun.


    Brickwall Collection

    Sit on them, stack them up, or build an entire fortress – the Brickwall consists of unlimited possibilities. A useful yet playful addition to any environment that promotes cognitive development.


    EQ High Ottoman

    The EQ High is raised off the ground on either 4 legs or sled bases. A slightly more sophisticated look than the standard bench, use these options to complement your space.


    EQ Ottoman

    The EQ Ottoman comes in four standard widths enabling you to fit your environment perfectly. Customise the height or width to add a playful touch to your surroundings.