The slim design and a range of available colors of the T40 match well with various environments The T40 is designed with a very slim line, with only the essential functions taken into consideration of various users and environments. The slim shape and soft color match the various interiors of the office and study. The T40 is ergonomically designed to provide comfort The T40 is designed based on standard body dimensions and can be used comfortably by various users. In addition, the recessed form of the seat frame and the backing of the mesh material provide ergonomic and comfortable seating in various postures, easily adjustable by the tilt adjustment lever. The T40 is easy to remove and assemble, making it easy to move or replace parts The T40 makes it easy to remove parts such as headrests, armrests, and backing plates, making product movements easy. Also, depending on the situation, you can replace only the parts you need and use it like a new product for a long time.

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T40 is designed for your body type T40 is designed ergonomically to support your neck and back and straighten your body posture. Its wide range of specification allows you to place the chair in any space, to serve any purpose. You will experience all the necessary functions you need while seated. Whatever you wish for in a chair, T40 will present.


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