A Max Hybrid

Sit-stand workstations
Our Max workplaces can be put together in various ways, making them integrate perfectly into the office design. The work slices are also easy later on an. The screens can be easily replaced.
In the frame of the Max workplaces there is room for all common electrification giving the desk a tidy appearance

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* 160 x 75 cm, 180 x 75 cm and 200 x 75 cm, Wing sheet is available in 120 x 120 cm.
* Height of the screens is only available in 120 cm.

* Adjustable from 65-128 cm or from 56-128 cm. (only possible in T-range).
* MAX is in HI and E-drive (electrically adjustable) to order.
* Leaf protrudes above the partition wall.
* Silent adjustment due to silent guidance, this ensures optimal preservation of the concentration of all employees.


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