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T50 Air

Fursy T50 Air mesh is flexible and durable. Soft microfibre is woven with strong nylon threads to provide longer lasting comfort. T50 Air seat has been designed with an open frame so it does not touch the thighs, providing comfort in a range of seating positions.

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* Mesh Backrest and seat Distributes weight evenly. Mesh will extend and curve to suit to users’ weight. Therefore, its flexibility helps provide maximum support depending on weight and posture. Keeps cooler even in summer.
* Synchronized Tilt The seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for your different postures.
* Lumbar The optional lumbar support gives more effective and sophisticated support to your lumbar. By the 4 way adjustments of height and depth , you may find its best spot for lumbar support
* Fursyshas designed U-Shaped frame It does not touch users’ body, and it distributes body pressures better as well.
* Seat slide adjustment Unlock the seat position by extending the paddle on the side of the under-seat brace. Then grasp the seat pan, sliding it forward or backward effortlessly to achieve the proper seat depth for each user. This feature assists the user in maintaining a correct comfortable seated posture, especially useful for taller people.
* Height and depth adjustable arms The armrest, made of top grade moldedurethane, can be adjusted for height and distance to the seat front. The chair conforms to individual body types and postures, easing and promoting comfort in the neck, shoulders and arms.
* Attachable seat cover A few people would not prefer to use mesh chairs in Winter due to its breathability, and the tilt can be covered with dust in some cases. Moreover, mesh chairs selling in B2B (Business to Business) market have to satisfy different preferences of customers. So whoever does not prefer to use mesh Chair, our seat cover, along with T50 Air, can be provided for their comforts.


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