Office Seating Melbourne

The workplace design and quality of office seating Melbourne speak volumes about the work environment and the character of the company. For a competitive and attractive office space, it should have ergonomically designed furniture that caters to the needs of the business and is comfortable and durable.

We at Momentum Office Design understand the importance of office furniture and fit outs in determining the work environment and ultimately making a significant impact on the productivity and profits of a company. Be it installing standard boardroom table, reception table, executive chairs, settee, computer desks or getting customised Office Seating Melbourne we are committed to provide our clients the best commercial furniture and fitouts at a competitive price.

Our standard or project-based office seating or fit out solutions have transformed many workspaces letting the clients get optimum satisfaction and enhanced productivity. Our skilled and committed people will provide you end-to-end furniture design, manufacturing and deliver fit-out solution that would enhance the looks and efficiency of your workspace.

Momentum Office Chairs Melbourne

Office chairs is one item of furniture that is indispensable for any office. It is essential to have chairs that are comfortable and stable as most part of your office hours are spent sitting on these. An uncomfortable chair would not only affect your work but would cause serious damage to your health on prolonged use.

Momentum Office Design has taken special care in designing office chairs Melbourne that make you comfortable and protect your health even after years of use. While designing office chairs we emphasise on the following factors:

  • Back support Back support is the most crucial aspect of any chair. This is especially true for office chairs as a deformed support could cause permanent damage to your spinal cord. We care to design office chairs with proper back support as it not only would make you comfortable but improve your sitting posture.
  • Height adjustments People are not all of same height. An ergonomically designed chair should have height adjustment properties that allow people to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture.
  • Width of armrests and seat Seat of chair should accommodate you comfortably, and armrests must be side enough to provide support while typing or writing.
  • Seat material Seat must always have rounded edges, and sufficient padding.

Momentum Office Design advice you to test a chair thoroughly before buying as it is a vital investment.