Vectra Desking

Everyday performance + future flexibility

An ergonomically designed, versatile desking system that’s perfect for the office – today and tomorrow.

At AMS Furniture, we know that offices, teams and resources are constantly changing. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible desking range, with options to suit offices now and adapt easily (and economically) for the future.

The Vectra Desking system is built for comfort, performance and choice. In fact, Vectra is the next generation of our ever-popular Activ and Strata Electric Lite product ranges – bringing them together in one smart solution.

1. Choose desk:

2. Modify:

3. Upgrade:

Fixed-height or User-adjust (wind-up height adjustment)

Add desk retuns to transform straight desks into corner workstations

Upgrade from wind-up height adjustment to electric height adjustment


  • Surprisingly affordable.
  • Seamless leg design across the range.
  • Straight desks or multi-person back-to-back benching (add desk return for corner workstations).
  • Easy upgrade from manual wind-up to electric height adjustment.
  • User-Adjust/Electric 2-stage Height Range: 685-1125mm
  • Upgrade to 3-stage Heigh Range: 625-1225mm
  • 150kg weight rating.
  • Telescopic frame.
  • Frames available in black or white powdercoat finish.
  • Compatible with Strata cable management trays.
  • Express and extended product options.
  • Exceptional quality backed by 5-year AMS Warranty.
  • Order online and save 10%!

2 Week Delivery

AFRDI Approved

5 Year Warranty

Made in Australia / Asia

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